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A Catholic Education has Many Benefits

Child hands are on folded in prayer on a Holy Bible. Concept for faith, spirituality and religion.

There are many schools available today. There are many options available that can confuse parents and guardians.

Each school has its own philosophy that guides how they teach. This can have a significant impact on a child’s educational, emotional, and spiritual development.

We will be sharing the top benefits of Catholic education in this article. This will help you decide the best option for your child.

A spiritual view of the world

Catholic education is not only about general education but also combines education with deep spiritual immersion. Catholic education is active in helping children understand God’s presence in their lives and the world around them. These “footprints” of God will be taught to children as they live their lives. As a child develops an awareness of God, he/she will also become an instrument of God’s grace in their family, community, and the world.

Inspirational View of the Scriptures

Catholic education is about giving students the chance to study the holy scriptures. The faith that undergirds the study of the scriptures guides the learning process. Students are then encouraged to apply the lessons from the Bible in their daily lives. A Catholic education also teaches students how to use the scriptures to guide and inspire them through their most difficult times.

Civic Responsibility and Engagement

Catholic education does not just focus on the church, but also in the community.

A survey by an American and non-Catholic source found that students from private schools have the lowest civic engagement. The study found that Catholic students were the most active in civic and community engagement. This could be interpreted as the highest level of participation in community and civic engagement, including writing to legislators, fundraising, volunteering, voting, and charity donations.

Many of these Catholic education graduates don’t do it for themselves (e.g. Most of these Catholic education graduates are not doing it for themselves (e.g. tax write-off), but instead because they feel a sense of justice and responsibility.

The Value of Service

A Catholic education includes the concept of service. Catholic education places a lot of emphasis on service. This is why service programs are offered from kindergarten through 12th grade. Some schools may even offer service programs that can reach the levels of undergraduate or graduate.

Catholic education is based on God’s Word that says, “You are your brother’s keeper”. Catholic students learn to respond positively to others’ needs and to be sensitive.


Catholic education places a lot of emphasis on self-discipline. Students are challenged and educated to make Christ-like decisions and take action. Catholic students learn how to evaluate their words and actions concerning the Gospel of Love and the Ten Commandments.

Catholic students learn lessons that give them solid moral and ethical foundations that will help them make the right decisions in situations that may not be black or white.

Catholic students are encouraged not to punish others, but because it is the right way to act.

Arts and Culture

Our civilization has evolved from the stone age to a time rich in culture, arts, and tradition. Catholic education acknowledges that modern society is more than just about survival. It’s about being cultural.

Catholic education exposes students to literature, art, and music. All of these subjects are guided by the belief that they are all divine praises.

Set your goals

It’s easy to get caught up in the trap of setting self-serving goals and becoming empty in these times of competition. Catholic students learn that academic and monetary success is not the ultimate goal. What is important is to have altruistic goals. Catholic students learn to set goals that not only benefit themselves but also benefit others. They not only improve their own lives, but the lives of those around them.

Safe Environment

Catholic education understands the importance and effects of the environment on children. Catholic schools are committed to making their school environments as drug-free and gun-free as possible. Catholic schools also make the school environment more Christ-like.

Passionate Instructors

Teachers see their job as a job in most schools. They go in, get paid, then leave. In a Catholic school, this is rare.

Catholic education places a high value on passionate teachers who are committed to “Chris-centered teaching”. It’s not unusual for Catholic educators to go beyond the call of duty to help students grow their knowledge, values, and skills.

An atmosphere that is friendly to minorities

There are downsides to being a minority. One is the difficulty of fitting in and being accepted as “normal”. Minority children will often have difficulties obtaining an education at a public school. This is something that happens very rarely in Catholic education systems.

Catholic education’s fundamental belief is that all people are equal and that it is not one’s race or financial status that determines your value. It’s instead words and actions that matter. This belief is reflected within the school environment. Surveys show that students from minority backgrounds perform better in Catholic schools than they do in public schools.


All education systems are not created equal. Every school and educational system has its own philosophy and principles that guide how they educate and develop children. However, studies and surveys have shown that Catholic education has many advantages over other types of education. The many benefits of Catholic education are not the only ones.

Five Ways to Get Your Child Ready to Return to School

tips for getting your child ready for school this year

Parents and children can feel anxious and stressed when preparing for the new school year. The stress of returning to school after a summer break is lessened if parents prepare for it. These are some tried-and-true tips to help your child make the transition to school after summer break, whether they are a kindergartener or an eighth grader.

Ask your child questions

Ask your child what they think about school. What are their expectations of school life? What are their hopes and dreams? What are their concerns? These topics may overlap with what their teacher asks them. What they’ll be learning, how they make friends, how they handle bullying, and what they expect to learn. Many books are available that will help students with school-related concerns.

Get Back-to-School Schedules

Children like routines. To make a smooth transition to school, it is important to establish a routine. Your child’s bedtime routines should be tailored to their personality. Make sure your child is putting their clothes on before bed if they tend to be slow in the morning. If necessary, help them organize their backpacks, shoes, socks, and lunches. This will help reduce stress and get everyone out of the house on time.

Limit screen time and make sure that screens are turned off at least one hour before bedtime. Give your child a chance for relaxation and to re-enter the family after they return from school. When they’re ready, let them share their day with us. The routine would not change in a perfect world, but it is hard to keep some routines up during summer break.


Talk to your child’s teachers. Reach out to your child’s teacher if you see unusual behavior at home. It is equally important to do the opposite. It is also important to let teachers know if there is anything at home that could affect your behavior at school. Support from parents is crucial to your child’s success in school, kindergarten, and beyond.

Summertime Fun

If possible, arrange a get-together with old friends or friends who are starting school for the first time. This helps to build a sense of community and maintain connections even when children don’t see each other every day. It is helpful for younger students to be able to identify a friend on their first day of school.

Have a positive attitude about school

Children learn best when they feel secure and happy. Your child will learn from you how exciting it will be for them to return to school. This is especially important for younger students, who will require support during the transition. To give your child a sense of security, visiting the campus and meeting the teachers are important.

If your child is well prepared, returning to school can be an exciting and fun experience. The private school right outside Peoria, IL is located within our Catholic Diocese. We encourage parents to offer summer activities for their children. Our staff is committed to proclaiming the Gospel Message by Jesus Christ. We believe in teaching all children and encouraging students to enjoy learning. This will help them become well-rounded, contributing members. Contact us to learn more.

Back-to-School prayers to start the school year off in 2022-2023

If you’re anything like many of our St. Mary’s parents, the summer vacation was spent getting ready for another successful school year. We are familiar with the daily demands of parenting, from helping with homework to volunteering at school. Prayer is another important part of getting your kids back on campus.

How to calm your child’s fears

A child’s perspective can make starting school a new year stressful. Bullying, discrimination, and not fitting in can all be problems for students. Children can also hear what’s going on around the world. Today’s children are challenged to find a balance between academic success and these social issues. Prayer can be a powerful tool in calming a child’s worries. They can trust that Our Lord will answer their prayers and they can put all of their worries in His hands.

Philippians 4 :6-7 tells us to “Be anxious about nothing but in all things by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving; and the peace and love of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts through Christ Jesus.”

We Catholics are reminded daily of the power and importance of prayer. A parent’s greatest gift is to instill faith through prayer. It’s not difficult to learn how to pray; it’s easy to teach your children how to open their hearts and minds to Jesus Christ.

Prayers for a good school year

You don’t need to make the prayers long. Encourage your children to talk to God from their hearts. They can be guided by you praying together with the Lord’s Prayer or using a specially written one for the beginning of the school year. Here’s an example.

“Heavenly Father, I pray that you will keep me safe when I return to school. Your protection is my request. Let me learn from my teachers. Help me to excel in all of my subjects. Help me to be a friend to all and be kind to everyone. I am grateful for all the blessings in your life. Amen”

Parents and Caregivers

Lord, I’m worried about my children going back to school. The world is in trouble right now. I ask you to wrap them in your arms and protect them against any potential dangers. I pray they are compassionate, and kind, and will become responsible citizens in the world. Help them to learn the lessons they need to be successful academically and to use the gifts that you have given them. In Jesus’ Name. Amen”

Encourage your children to pray, and take the time to pray. Making prayer a regular part of your family’s routine will help you find the time to pray throughout the year. We encourage parents and children to offer summer activities. Our staff is committed to proclaiming the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ. We believe in teaching all children and encouraging students to enjoy learning. This will help them become well-rounded, contributing members. Contact us to learn more.

The Best Catholic High Schools Near Me

Private Catholic schools are not officially ranked so you will need to do some extra research to find the best one near you. It’s difficult to find the best private Catholic high school near me.

You can narrow down your search by searching for schools that have specific characteristics. You’ll then find a private school with the highest quality that will help you excel both now and in the future.

How to find the best private schools

When evaluating Catholic high schools, there are many factors you should consider. Let’s start with how well it prepares you for college.

Take a look at a College Prep School

Most likely, you are considering private schools because you want to be academically focused. A college prep private school is another option.

The curriculum is designed by administrators to prepare students for college and university. This will help you get on the right path to success.

Choose a school that offers personal attention

Did you know that California’s public schools boast a student-teacher ratio (20.9 to 1)? If you are one of many students, it can be difficult to receive personalized attention. This could be why you might consider private Catholic high schools.

Private schools tend to have a higher student-teacher ratio than public schools, but some private schools do better than others. Make sure your school has a student-teacher ratio below the 15.5:1 national average.

Look for a school that offers a well-rounded experience

It is difficult to get into top-rated colleges. You need to do all you can to stay ahead of your competition. This means that you must focus on more than just academics. Extracurricular activities are also important to include in your college application. Otherwise, you may be overlooked.

Private high schools should offer a variety of activities such as clubs, organizations and sports. These extracurricular activities will not only increase your chances of getting into a top-rated college but also allow you to have fun and make new friends. You’ll reap many benefits by enrolling at a private school with lots of options.

Find private schools that share your values

You may have experienced public school in the past. Teachers and administrators are not allowed to discuss religion or other important topics. Sometimes, you may feel that something is missing when it comes to getting an education.

This is not the case if you attend one of the top private high schools in Peoria, IL like St. Mary’s.

A private Catholic high school can provide religious and ethical education. You can also access a youth ministry, Christian Service Program, and retreats when you attend such schools. These programs will help you live your faith.

These private schools also place a strong emphasis on education and offer Honors and AP classes. These schools offer the best of both worlds, so you don’t need to give up anything in order to receive an outstanding education.

Find schools that offer financial assistance

Many people choose not to attend private high schools due to insufficient funds. You don’t have the same opportunity that others missed.

You can also look into private schools that offer tuition assistance and scholarships. These schools offer merit- and need-based aid options that can help you find an affordable solution to your worries about how you will pay for your education.

Choose from Schools that Offer Support

Many students find high school challenging. You’ll need help from time to time as you navigate your teens and take increasingly difficult classes.

Although most schools have guidance counselors available, they are not equipped to provide the support you need for serious problems.

Private schools may also have counselors available to provide emotional and social support. You will be able to talk to someone else whenever you need it, and you won’t have the burden of dealing with your own problems.

Counselors can help you learn coping skills to deal with difficult emotions and situations. These tools can be used for the rest of your life.

Look for a school where your child can make lifelong friends

If you are attending private school, it is important to prepare for college. You also want to make lasting friendships.

Private high schools may have a better culture for such friendships. Retreats, religious services, and organizations can help you to get to know your peers better. This will allow you to build strong bonds while you are in high school. These bonds can continue to grow after graduation if you choose the right school.

Evaluate the Technology and Facilities

Technology and facilities are what distinguish the best private schools. Schools can have virtual dissection tools and 3D anatomy visualizations to aid learning.

A few private schools even offer online classes, which allows you to be more flexible with your schedule.

See Culture in Person

Although you can find a lot of information online about private Catholic high schools, it is best to go to the school in person to make sure it is a good fit.

A campus tour is great for getting a feel for the school. Shadowing is even better. You can then fully immerse yourself in the experience from attending classes to meeting faculty.

The Last Word: Find the Best Catholic High School in Your Area

These are just a few of the many things you should look for when looking for the best Catholic high school in your area. All of these attributes are present at St. Mary’s. Our private school boasts a better student-teacher ratio than the national or state average. For those who are eligible, we offer tuition assistance and scholarship programs.

Students have the opportunity to join clubs and organizations that will help them gain admission to top-rated colleges while still enjoying high school. For more information about our culture and academics, please reach out to us.