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St Mary’s Catholic School Helps Give Your Child A Head Start

Your child is bright, playful, inquisitive, and most of all, they are new to the world, willing to learn as they grow. However, learning and growing can also be challenging, which is why at St. Mary’s Catholic School, our goal is to help your child navigate through the often-challenging maze of growing up. These are skills they learn for life, and will help them stand out from other high school students.

As one of the leading Peoria preschools, we have a track record of giving kids what they need to become high-achieving individuals. We have mastered the art of showing them (kids) the way, guiding them along the path of music, alphabet, religion and an understanding of other aspects of the world.

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We Take Health and Safety Very Seriously At St Mary’s Catholic School

We imagine that every Peoria Preschool cares about children and their health. However, we care about the kids, their families, and our staff at St. Mary’s Catholic School. By caring for every person as part of helping kids learn, we provide a genuinely refreshing environment dotted with opportunities to learn and explore. But even more important, everyone is focused on the well-being of our students.

We have put industry-leading protocols in place, coupled with expert guidance, meant to support a kid’s health, ensuring a positive environment for everyone. We do this without affecting children’s social opportunties.

Our team closely monitors every child, not only their physical health but also their mental health. If we see potential issues, our teachers raise these concerns with parents so that action can be taken sooner rather than later.

Our Approach To Preschool Learning

We know from experience that every child is unique so schools taking a uniform approach aren’t as ssuccessful at getting through to the student. Every child has their way of learning and their own natural pace. However, our job is to nurture your child’s natural curiosity and try focusing on what interests them, encouraging them to learn and play to prepare them for the fun time they will have in kindergarten. 

In our experience, the right approach early on, during preschool, means that the child will enjoy learning throughout their life. The goal is to make learning fun, as much as it is essential, so they see the value of engaging in it.

Your Child’s Early Childhood Education Is Important

St. Mary’s Catholic School has nearly two centuries of history educating children and young adults. Over the years, our programs have consistently evolved to meet the academic needs of our students. We approach teaching and understand learning as a whole, encompassing emotional, social and intellectual stimuli.

We strongly believe every child needs time to be a child and learn through discovery, play and building up on their existing skills naturally. Our goal is to provide them with an environment that helps build skills and challenges how they think. This is done via our preschool classrooms, which are meant to develop, some of the skills they will need moving forward. We focus on building visual, mental and physical acuity. This means they will not just excel in science, but every other subject.

Our preschool staff members collaborate to help meet all the needs of children to ensure they are readily integrated into classrooms regularly. There are options available for part-day, full-day signature program and wrap-around care. Plus, we have various scholarship opportunities.

A Few More Reasons To Choose Our Peoria Preschool

We know that preschools in Peoria are a dime a dozen. Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the most reputed preschools that have consistently delivered results in the way of outstanding individuals contributing to the betterment of society.

However, if you are still contemplating whether you should choose St. Mary’s Catholic School, here are a few things to consider:

We have the most experienced teachers – Our team is the best of the best. Everyone from our teachers to those that assist your kids with regular fun activities is the best people you’ll find in the industry. That’s why we are capable of delivering the results you expect.

A record of helping children get to grips with learning – Kids learn most things naturally. However, their natural knack for education needs to be aided and guided. That’s where our team comes in, to help your child learn what is required to take their academic development to the next level.

Faith education – At St. Mary’s Catholic School, we are not your ordinary Peoria Preschool. One of our goals is to build a solid faith-based foundation for your child. The result is that they can learn more about Christianity by exploring the fascinating world of its history, practices and growth as they move to higher-level classes.  

Affordable preschooling – We strongly believe that quality preschooling should be within the grasp of every child, regardless of who they are. This drive for quality education to be open to everyone is rooted in our DNA and part of our faith.

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Ready To Take The Next Step? We Work With Children Ages 4 and Above

Are you ready to get your child started? Then schedule a meeting with St. Mary’s Catholic School. We will take you on a tour of our facilities. See every classroom if you choose, and ask questions about our methods and other information regarding the enrollment process. In fact, find out how we can help your family thrive.