Mentored through Community

We believe that a child’s world should be filled with opportunities to explore new ideas and try new skills. The athletic program and extracurricular offerings at St. Mary’s enrich the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development that goes hand in hand with a quality education. Best of all, they keep the emphasis on learning together and having fun!

Athletic Program

The purpose of our athletic program is to teach game skills, build a spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork, and develop a sense of ethics, school spirit, and fun. The physical and emotional growth and well-being of SMS’s student athletes are always in the forefront of our programs. Participation in team sports is an opportunity to discover the inner strength of an individual as part of a whole.

In early August the students start practicing soccer;  participating in the Parochial soccer league (PPSA) at Mossville soccer fields through early October.  Junior High boys baseball is made available through another area Catholic school starting in August running through mid September.   November means basketball for boys and girls and a parish group for our youngest players.   Girls’ volleyball follows and the Track team ushers in spring.

Extracurricular Program

In this extension of the school’s rich curriculum students have a variety of in-school and after school classes to open new doors and lead to the awakening of sometimes surprising new talents. We strive to bring in outside expertise in the fine arts, performing arts and exploration. The result is a wonderful menu of choices. Some of our offerings are:

Theatre Production