Middle School

In 6th – 8th Grade Science: There are a variety of interesting and engaging science concepts covered in the Junior High Curriculum. Most exciting for the upcoming school year, is that we have been blessed with a brand new Science Series for the Jr. High. Glencoe Publishers partners with National Geographic in this phenomenal and inspiring science series. This 6th Grade will explore topics relating to Physical Science, including scientific measurement, motion, matter, and chemistry. In the 7th and 8th Grade Science class we willl focus on the human body and other life science topics.

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Following the completion of some concepts and/or chapters special projects are introduced.
With our world being basically a word problem, the 7th Graders learn how to solve real life situations using the concepts they have learned.

Social Studies
Current events are one of the students’ favorite activities. At the beginning of class, they informally discuss “What has been going on.” Once every two weeks, groups will present a current events article they have read to the rest of the class.

Weekly Classroom Schedule

The 6 – 8th Grades go to the Soup Kitchen on one Tuesday a month. This is run by the Sisters of Charity and is located in Peoria behind the Cathedral. Every day, these sisters prepare lunch and feed the poor. Volunteers consisting of adults and children help in this endeavor. The sisters could not do this without the volunteers. This is a worthwhile experience for the students, giving them a sense of service.