St. Mary’s School’s early childhood classroom is a wonder-filled place. In a safe,
nurturing environment we cultivate a love of exploration and learning. Our early
childhood program builds on the belief that children are natural learners and that their
work is play.

We celebrate each child’s unique gifts and diversity

A theme-based curriculum centers on developing creativity and early literacy. “Happily
Ever After” Reading Program by the Rowling Foundation is one of the resources that
anchor our day.

Our three and four year olds are busy learning about themselves and the world around
them. It is the miracle of wow and wonder as our children grow in independence,
discover individual creativity, learn social skills, and unfold intellectually.

Our early childhood classes benefit from music and physical education taught by certified
specialists as well as from developing “buddy” relationships with our older St. Mary’s
School students.

Our teachers are passionate about SMS preschool and their work here. They are caring
professionals specializing in early childhood education.