Things to Do in Peoria IL

Take a Family Trip to the Peoria Riverfront Museum

Peoria Riverfront Museum is a public-private institution that exhibits art, science, history, and achievement on the riverfront of downtown Peoria, IL. There are five main galleries, as well as a dozen smaller spaces that can be used for rotating exhibitions. The Museum is known for its Digi star 7 planetarium with a 40-foot dome, and film screenings on a 70-ft. flat screen. Alice Walton, philanthropist, has Art Bridges Foundation, Smithsonian, American Museum of Natural History, and Whitney Museum of American Art, with a special focus on New York partnerships. The permanent displays include the Center for American Decoys and “Bronzeville to Harlem: A American Story”, as well as the Duryea Experience and other items from the Museum’s 15,000-object collections, which are constantly being rotated for visitors. The museum’s 87,000 Sq. The museum’s 87,000 sq. ft. building was opened on October 20, 2012. It is the successor to Peoria’s Lakeview Museum of Arts & Sciences, which was established in 1965.

Check Your Wild Side at the Peoria Zoo

Peoria Zoo, an American zoo, is located in Illinois. Peoria Park District owns and operates the zoo. It is open every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Since 1976, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums has accredited the Peoria Zoo.

Take a Stroll Through Wildlife Prairie Park

Wildlife Prairie Park is officially known as Hazel & Bill Rutherford Wildlife Prairie Park. It is about 10 miles west from downtown Peoria. It is home to wildlife from Illinois in a natural setting. There are multiple attractions, such as the Wildlife Prairie Park Railroad, Adventure Trek tours that take you through bison and elk pastures, a sculpture walk and native Illinois animals like white bison, bobcats and coyotes. There are many recreational opportunities in the park, including hiking, fishing, kayaking and an 18-hole championship-level course of disc golf. Many of the park’s man-made features were constructed manually using recycled materials years before environmental protection became common. On-site lodging is also possible. Guests can stay overnight in former Santa Fe Train Cabooses or grain bins. You can also find on-site lodging in newer cabins with porches that face the bison or elk pasture, log cabins of one room, and rooms with patios overlooking Caboose Lake.

Try Your Luck at the Par-A-Dice Hotel Casino

Par-A-Dice Casino and Hotel is a casino on the Illinois River, just off Illinois Route 116/U. S. Route 150 in East Peoria, Illinois, United States. In 1991, the Par-A-Dice opened its doors in Peoria, Illinois. It moved across the river in 1993 to East Peoria. It was originally established by local investors and later sold to Boyd Gaming. In its initial years, the Par-A-Dice cruised the Illinois River ten times per day. However, it stopped cruising completely after Illinois removed the requirement that riverboat casinos leave their docks by June 1999. The new U.S. Coast Guard annual requirement meant that the riverboat left for the first time in eleven years in June 2010.


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