Transportation in Peoria IL

Interstate and U.S. routes in Peoria

Peoria has very interesting geography. Three Interstate highways serve the Peoria region: Interstate 74 runs north to south through downtown Peoria, Interstate 474 runs south through parts of Peoria, and Interstate 155 runs south from I-74 at Morton to Interstate 55, Lincoln, connecting to Springfield and St. Louis. I-74 crosses the Illinois River via Murray Baker Bridge. I-474 crosses the Illinois River via Shade-Lohmann Bridge. I-74 connects the Quad Cities and Bloomington-Normal, the closest metropolitan centers.

In the Upgrade 74 project, Interstate 74 was reconstructed between Interstate 474 and Illinois Route 8 from 2004 to 2006.

U.S. Route 150 is also the main arterial in the northern Peoria region. It becomes War Memorial Drive before heading west to Kickapoo. It starts at the McClugage Bridge. East of the bridge it runs southeast to Morton. It runs parallel to Interstate 474 in the southwest section of the city.

Routes in the state

These state routes pass through Peoria.

As an extension to I-474, Illinois Route 6 runs through the northern portion of the city. It runs four lanes and connects with Illinois Route 29 south at Chillicothe. It is designated as a north-south highway.

The Illinois Route 8 runs roughly parallel to I-74 to its south. It runs southeast through Peoria, passing southwest of the downtown. Illinois 8 crosses East Peoria over the Cedar Street Bridge, which is shared with 116. Illinois 8 is designated as an east-west highway.

Illinois Route 29 runs through Peoria, following the Illinois River from Chillicothe to downtown Peoria. The Murray Baker Bridge connects it to Interstate 74. Illinois 29 is designated as a north-south highway and is known as Galena Road north from U.S. 150.

Illinois Route 40 (formerly 88), enters Peoria as Knoxville Avenue. It runs through the middle of the city, and ends southeast at the Bob Michel Bridge. Illinois 40 is designated as a north-south highway.

Peoria is briefly reached by Illinois Route 91 at the intersection of U.S. 150 in the northwestern part of the city. Traffic on Illinois Route 91 mostly accesses The Shoppes of Grand Prairie or continues to Dunlap.

Illinois Route 116 starts at Bellevue from the west. It runs straight east, crossing the Cedar Street Bridge to cross into East Peoria.

The Illinois Route 336 project, which is planned, will also link Illinois 336 and I-474 between Illinois 8 & Illinois 116. Construction of the segment closest to Peoria is not underway. Funding has also not been allocated.

Transport by rail

Metro Peoria is serviced by ten common carrier railways. Four of these are Class I railroads, BNSF and CNR. Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific are the others. Union Pacific, the last, has a south-south oriented track that runs along the west edge of Peoria, but branches off to go into the city. The city is served by one Class II/Regional, Iowa Interstate train, which originates in Bureau Junction, Illinois. Five Class III/Shortline railways: Central Illinois Railroad, which manages a portion of the city-owned Peoria, Peoria Height, and Western Railroad. Three Genesee and Wyoming-owned businesses: Toledo, Peoria, and Western Railway, which run next to US 24 east through Logansport, Indiana.

Peoria is not connected to any other urban centers by passenger rail. However, this possibility, along with Amtrak’s Illinois Service, which connects St. Louis and Chicago via Springfield, Peoria and Bloomington-Normal has been investigated.

Peoria was a small passenger rail hub up until the 1950s. Peoria Union Station was served by several Midwestern railroads until 1955. Rock Island Railroad ran trains to its Rock Island Depot.

Peoria lost its last intercity rail service in 1978 when the Rock Island Railroad brought the last Peoria Rocket train to the Rock Island Depot. Amtrak pulled the Prairie Marksman (Chicago–East Peoria) from the area in 1981. It stopped in East Peoria. Galesburg is to the northwest, and Bloomington to to the southeast.

Transport public

The Greater Peoria Mass Transit District provides public bus service. It operates 21 routes, under the name CityLink. These bus routes serve the city, Illinois Central College, Peoria Heights and West Peoria as well as points between Peoria & Pekin.


West of Peoria is the General Wayne Downing Peoria International Airport. It is serviced by 3 passenger airlines (American, Allegiant, and United) as well as numerous cargo carriers. Nonstop destinations include Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Las Vegas and Phoenix, as well as Punta Gorda and Charlotte. [75] Seasonal destinations include Denver and Nashville as well as Destin Fort Walton. Peoria is served by UPS and Airborne Express (now DHL).

Mount Hawley Auxiliary Airport is located at the northern end of the city. It’s a general aviation airfield.


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