Faith in Education

Strengthened by Faith

St. Mary’s is a Catholic school where families come together through a common desire to educate their children within a community built on a solid moral and ethical foundation of faith and academic excellence. As a faith-based learning community, St. Mary’s School is committed to helping each student develop his or her potential. Families of diverse faiths and cultures are welcome.

As a life-long learner and follower of Christ, the vision for our graduates is to become leaders and community builders. We strive to teach each child to act with faith, integrity and compassion.

Three cornerstones of our faith life at St. Mary’s are liturgy, sacrament and service. Each one of these helps to form a strong foundation from which youth may build meaning in their lives and model Catholic Christian living to the broader community:


The school community fosters personal and communal prayer, shares in traditional liturgies and celebrates the sacrifice of the Mass as an integral part of our time together. We pray to begin and end our day, to give thanks, to seek help and consolation and to praise God. We gather as an entire community to worship and to celebrate the feasts of the liturgical calendar. Our pastor works closely with our teachers to bring faith to life for our children.


Sacraments traditionally received in youth are wonderful turning points in the lives of our students. The second grade teacher working with our pastor brings the wonder of Reconciliation and the Eucharist to our students. Parents are closely involved in the preparations and our pastor presides over the reception of these sacraments.

The Bishop confers the sacrament of Confirmation on the eighth graders as they formally accept the gift of their faith and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The preparations for this sacrament combine learning, service and self-reflection.


From our very youngest children to our oldest, the place of service in a Christian life is clear. As a community, St. Mary’s devotes time, talent and treasure to God’s work on earth. Each year student council and classes discover new ways of helping others. The involvement of our students in service teaches them the joy of giving and caring. It is a clear tradition and strength of the St. Mary’s community.