Summoned to Individual Excellence

St. Mary’s School is a strong faith community where every child is encouraged to achieve individual excellence. Our dynamic team of professional educators implements a systematic, research-based curriculum that supports learning, challenges thinking, and prepares students for their future. From the earliest grades, each child benefits from the use of best practices, individual attention, and a wide range of resources. As children develop and progress, teachers make use of a variety of assessments to enhance student achievement and develop the most effective instructional programs. Collaborative and project based learning join technology tools to ensure that SMS graduates receive the education they need in this century to make a significant place for themselves and to serving as leaders for the common good.

Standardized Testing

Our students Kingergarten through 8th grade take MAP testing 3 times a year.   The results of these tests provide information on the progress of individual students as well as being a tool for use by faculty to evaluate the strength of the curriculum is specific standards. Our classes and students consistently score beyond the national average in every subject and skill set tested. Students in grades five and eight are tested yearly on their knowledge of the Catholic faith using the ACRE exam of the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA).  Each of these assessment opportunities is a time to review the progress and methods being used in order to consistently improve.

Special Learning Events

The opportunities to expand the walls of the classroom are plentiful at every grade. Field trips are planned to bring the treasures of our city and surrounding areas together with the learning in our classrooms.  Special guests are invited into our school to share their stories and talent.  Our students have many opportunities to participate in programs designed to enrich their problem solving abilities and challenge their thinking.  The whole school turns out to cheer on our finalists in the Knights of Columbus Spelling Bee and those competing in Declamations. The traditional are joined by the new challenges to keep everyone on their toes and convinced that learning is fun!

Special Services

As part of our goal that each child will achieve individual excellence, we provide both enrichment and remediation in our classrooms, along with providing them individualized attention with a resource teacher as needed. The Brimfield District special services provide testing resources to our school children. Even with these options, there are children whose needs may not be able to be met by our staff or programs. Our priority is always the best educational setting for each child. We recognize that we cannot always be that place.